Thermal Scanning

Thermographic testing has become the most valuable diagnostic tool for industrial applications by detecting anomalies that are usually invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging cameras are a unique tool that determines when and where maintenance is needed for electrical and mechanical equipment as the equipment tends to get hot before it fails. By discovering these hot spots, preventative actions can be taken, avoiding costly production breakdowns or, even worse, fire.
Atomic technicians are trained through the Infrared Training Centre and licensed in Category 1 Thermography. We use high-tech FLIR thermal imaging cameras with powerful communication and visual tools to instantly identify problems with electrical and mechanical equipment. This includes energy loss, moisture intrusion, structural issues and overheating. Our compatible FLIR software allows us to analyse the images, create and share detailed reports quickly and easily with our customers. Book your thermal testing today.


Predictive Maintenance

Atomic’s skill-set includes the understanding of physics and construction concerning electrical or mechanical installations we inspect. These are essential considerations to understand, interpret and judge thermal testing images correctly.

We carry out predictive maintenance works for fuel stations, including 7-Eleven, BP and Caltex, to name a few. Other service asset owners that we engage with include commercial businesses and industrial factories, and body corporates. We also undertake predictive maintenance works under sub-contract agreements for facility management.


Customers' reviews

Our customer rating
I understand and rely on good quality service to support our business. Atomic ticks this box very well and is why we have continued our working relationship with them for over 10 years. As an on-air Broadcast provider we seek quality work, that leaves nothing to chance. Atomic provides us with this. They excel at time critical breakdowns and urgent matters that arise and take the time to understand what that service means to us. Atomic are a very professional outfit, communicate well throughout jobs and leave you extremely confident that the right outcome and result is reached. Always offer friendly advice along the way, providing alternate solutions for our business. I highly recommend Atomic Industries.  Troy Smith Technical Services Manager (Brisbane)
Seven Network (Brisbane)
Our customer rating
For over are decade, Metro Signs has relied on Atomic for our Reactive Maintenance. They consistently deliver fast and efficient service saving time, money and most importantly, headaches. We'll be working with them for many years to come.
Metro Signs
Our customer rating
I have been using Atomic Industries for compliance, installations and R&M for over 10 years, and highly recommend Rob and his team. Atomic are accommodating to our needs and responsive with urgency – a must in an industry that cannot afford downtime. There hasn’t been a problem they can’t solve yet.
Event Cinemas
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Why is thermographic testing Important?

Thermographic testing allows a relatively low cost and easy testing method to detect hotspots in electrical systems. For any business that wants to avoid breakdowns or minimise fire hazards, thermal scanning should be at the top of your maintenance list.
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How Accurate is Thermal Scanning?

Thermal scanning in the electrical industry is essentially as accurate as you could hope for. Similarly, thermal testing technologies used in the medical industry are relied on daily.

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